Nightmare on Peter’s Street

In my life, I had two terrible nightmares.

My very first nightmare was very weird.  I was on an old-school Korean bus traveling in Korea with my parents on it.  Soon, we got to this small town/village that was near a creek with a stone bridge that went over it.  I got off and my parents were gone.  I was at the one of the bridge that may have been at most about 50 yards long.  I saw a fairy at the other end so to get to it, I start crossing.

Next thing I know, she turns into a witch and blasts the bridge and I fall down into the creek with like 50 people!    And then out of nowhere I see sharks in the creek and people are screaming trying to run away from them and same with me.  I run along the banks and try to climb up… kinda like that recent Korean scifi monster flick “The Host” and … sweating, I woke up. 

I was very much shaken for several days due to that nightmare… anyone else with a nightmare to share?

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