Ethiopia Mission Trip Update: Day #6

Sorry I didn’t update last night but I was somewhat tired.

Yesterday, after our morning class, the 4-member team left for Jinma, a place about 7 hours by car from here. They will be leading praise and worship tomorrow at the church there so please pray for John who will lead praise and Pastor Shawn as he will give the message. As previously agreed, Joy and I stayed behind to take care of our Christine. It turned out to be a good afternoon as I got to know Christine better and her history. I strongly encourage those of you that do not know her to take time to ask her how she came to be where she is today. Oh and our people here wanted to know who has been attending the prayer meetings, and for Christine, she wanted to know who cried as Soojin read the report e-mails. šŸ™‚ The three of us also discussed on our church status and ideas and so it was rather helpful as well.

We had a quiet dinner between the three of us after some more talk and sharing, we ended the night. However, Christine did have another incident but nothing too serious. But as of today, her lower body is pretty much out of commission and catheter is still inside her.

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