Favorite Sitcoms of the Past

So I got thinking about shows that I have enjoyed in the past… especially from the childhood years… so here they are… in the order I can best recall. 😛

– Diff’rent Strokes (This was one of the first shows I watched as a kid here in US and was just a bit beyond “norm” but was awesome to watch)
– Family Ties (Ah yes, a show that showed me what a “typical” American family looked like!)
– Perfect Strangers (Balky and the Dance of Joy!! Need I say more?!!)
– Charles in Charge (Mischievous but good show that put lots of ideas in my head! )
– The Cosby Show (It was an instant classic for me… Mr. Cosby is a legend in himself)
– Doogie Howser M.D. (a show where a kid became the grown-up hero… kinda sorta…)
– The Wonder Years (perfect timing for kids like myself)
– Night Court (It was just funny. Is all.)
– Home Improvement (What does it need?!! More powah!! Uh-er-grr!!!)
– Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Wassup?!! This was da bomb, ya know?! Carlton and his dances)
– Who’s the Boss? (The never-ending love between the two…)
– Mad About You (Where I fell in love with Helen Hunt for the first time!)

Good shows are hard to find…


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