Roadtrip to Dallas

It was a wedding of my friend, Erica Quinn. So we drove up to Dallas to celebrate…
With 5 hours of “Are we there yet?” and “What road is this?”, we made it and stayed at Doubletree Hotel near Galleria. Here’s a pic of 3 reasons for my existence.

The kids loved the day. They loved the beds and jumped for good 10 minutes. And the shuttle ride that was provided as well. The reception was at Tower Club on top of the Thanksgiving Tower in downtown Dallas. They were dazzled at the night view across Dallas.

However, the fun ended there for them and soon wanted to go home. So I took out my secret weapon: my Cowon A2 30 GB video/mp3 player. On that 4.3″ screen, they watched their favorite shows… for 2 hours! Even that’s long for them… but thank God they pulled through.

We left “early” at 10:20 pm and eventually went to bed near midnight. Kids were cranky from that Sunday. We went to Irving Bible Church with Mo and then had lunch with Mo and Ricky. I forgot how much they grew. It was near nightmare coming back. Overall, it was good, but boy are we tired… Here’s to a good night’s rest!

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