Anna & ER: Viral Infection

So Anna started throwing up early around 5 am pretty much every 10 to 20 minutes or so… When it continued on for 12 hours straight, we thought it might be food poisoning or stomach virus… Since she couldn’t eat anything or hold even water down, as she showed signs of dehydration, we took her to ER.

Ok. I took her to ER. Soojin stayed home for two reasons. 1. She doesn’t do well with needles. Esp. when it goes into our kids. 2. JJ needed to stay home. So we went to Clear Lake Regional Medical Center. My 2 cents. We are never going back!

4 freakin’ hours of just waiting! And that is after she was tagged “urgent”! By then, it was 10:40 pm. Anna kept throwing up while waiting and so we just sat close to the bathroom. The poor bugger didn’t rest or sleep the whole 12 hours either…

When we finally did get in, they had to put IV in Anna’s small vein to keep her hydrated… At this point, she cried and I was just about to… you aren’t a true parent until you have to see your child being put IV in. They did some blood test and found out that her white blood cell count is too high …even for an infection. So doc was worried that for girls, it could be bladder infection. Thanks to IV though, she was hydrated enough to pee… When that returned fine, the doc still wanted to do a CAT scan to just make sure… that it wasn’t appendicitis! So she had to gulp down Barium drink … and since she hadn’t drank much, she threw up some of it. CAT scan was fine… she got to ride the elevator in the bed.

I just wanna say that Anna was a good sport. She was superb even. I thought she’d cry a whole lot more but she didn’t… she just wanted to go home… and who could blame her as we were there for NINE FREANKIN’ hours!! Our health system sucks. The whole thing should’ve just taken 3, 4 top, hours. But 9?!! Even if it’s same, we are never going back… to where? Clear Lake Regional Medical Center! There’s St. John’s Hospital near JSC… that is now our official ER place. It’s 4:10 am… I just hope Anna gets better… please pray for her.

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