From Autoblog: Video: Syrian rebels show off their inner A-Team with homemade tank

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Syrian homemade tank - video screencap

Going up against an organized military must be quite a challenge, but Syrian rebels have used a little ingenuity to give themselves a fighting chance in the country’s civil war. Judging by the fact that the uprising has lasted for more than a year now, the fighters definitely have skills in weapons and military tactics, but some of the rebels have displayed a different sort of skill by busting out their torches and welders to create this homemade tank.

Looking like something you’d see on an old episode of The A-Team, this armored assault vehicle started life as some sort of diesel truck and was converted to its current state using a lot of steel and a big gun. The occupants, engine and tires are all protected by thick metal, and the vehicle uses four cameras (including a gunner camera that can be zoomed in by what appears to be a Playstation controller) and a rear-facing camera to help the driver pilot the massive vehicle.

We don’t know how well this vehicle performs when in action, but we’re sure Hannibal, Face, Murdock and B.A. Baracus would all be proud of the effort. Scroll down to see the tank in action, courtesy of a video posted by Russia Today on YouTube, including running over a helpless pile of branches.

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