A Very Warming Story for Modern Cold Times

NPR has a weekly spot called StoryCorps.  This week, they ran a story of self-recorded interview on this one person.  He is a janitor.  Nothing extraordinary there.  However, he and his wife of 25 years do not have kids.  So Willie Jefferson feels that the kids at the school that he has served as janitor for 23 years are his kids.  He has had impact enough on these kids over the years so much that they think of him and his wife as their parents.

These days, I feel that our society is getting more and more distant and colder as technology and crime seem to distance us away from each other.  So I take these warm stories like Haagen-Dazs coffee ice cream: savor every word of such awesome story.  Stories such as this gives me hope that people can be trust-worthy…

I hope we all have people that we are fond of and love… Like in the words of DC Talk, “We all wanna be loved”

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