For a Greener World

We have lived a life of ruining the world.  Pollution and waste are at the worst high and worst of all, we aren’t really aware of it.  We need to bite the bullet and strive for a greener world.  So where do we start, you ask?  Start using less gasoline.  Use re-useable bags for shopping instead of plastic bags.  Check sites like  And here are some developments that could help.

There’s a company called Brammo which is producing a motocycle.  That’s nothing new.  But it’s an all-electric bike!  Currently, it only has about 42-mile range and requires about 4 hours to recharge.  That’s lame, you say.  But it’s perfect for commuting to work.  The downside is that it is expensive at $10K.  But you will practically pay nothing on fuel anymore.  And as it gets revamped, the cost will come down.  It’s this kind of progress and direction the world needs to make.

Another cool idea that’s coming around is making ethanol out of garbage!  That’s ingenious!  I do believe that alternative energy source is the future in saving the Earth from dying.  I hope we all try to contribute in saving the Earth.

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  1. Saving the Earth from dying? Peter, lets tone down the drama there a bit. Even if every nuclear warhead went off at once, it will not destroy the Earth. Sure, humans may not survive along with some other terrestial species, but life on Earth will continue. I mean, we have bacteria living off of toxic volcanic exhaust, thousands of feet underwater. Speaking of which, the radical environmentatists are calling for eating of pets and culling of the human race – perhaps to them every nuclear device going off at once would not be a tragedy.

    Nothing is for free – that motorcycle. You pay for its fuel via higher electricity bills. Oh, I am betting that it is probably composed of some more advanced materials – meaning more energy and effort was put into contructing it. I bet the battery would be lithium ion based, meaning the raw materials would come from such countries as Bolivia – not a US friendly place. Heaven help Earth when you try to dig it up or dispose of it.

    Oh as for the ethanol from garbage? I wonder what the energy ratio is – how much energy goes into producing it and transporting it versus what you get out of it. I bet, it would not be that advantageous and if not for government subsidies, it would actually be disadvantageous.

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