Soda Tax a Possibility

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Why didn’t we think of this before?!  Government is thinking about and planning on taxing soda.  Soda is mostly sugar water.  And it’s one of the leading reasons why the Americans are so dang unhealthy, and the contributor to America’s health insurance cost.

It’s so simple.  Tax soda to let people know that you are paying extra because it’s known to make you unhealthy.  We do it to cigarettes and alcohol.  Why not soda?!  Heck, why stop there?  Tax other stuff like cakes and cookies!!  Ok, ok… some of you are probably freaking out.  But seriously, we are the fattiest country (by far) in the world!  We consume way more food than the rest of the world.  We need to be less selfish and strive for change.

As prices for such unhealthy products go up, perhaps it will wake us up to smell the coffee and strive for healthier lives… and lower the nation-wide healthcare cost.  \

Now my favorite sodas of Coca Cola (none of that Pepsi crap please) and Sweppe’s Ginger Ale will cost me more and will prevent me from drinking so much!  Actually, I have pretty much stopped drinking soda altogether.  I drink perhaps about 1 serving of soda per week or two.  Let’s do it America!

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  1. What you wrote sounds strange coming from a former Ron Paul supporter.

    Anyway, soda tax has been discussed for some time now. After all of the regulations and bannings and such for cigarettes, it was only a matter of time before, it started working its down the line to other things that people think of as unhealthy. We already have items against trans fats so why not soda? And as you wrote, it can easily go further.

    Dont you get a little strange sensation when government starts intruding into even soda? I do. Heck, I feel that they went overboard with a lot of the cigarette stuff (and I hate cigarettes).

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