Pirates of the Somalia

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This is 21st century, right?  Or am I still living in the old days of yore when pirates with eye patches roamed free?!!  What in the blazes is going on here?  This problem of Somalian pirates goin further and further out to the Indian Sea to hijack ships and crews for ransom is beyond going out of control!  What the heck is everyone doing about it?!  NOTHING!!  NADA!!

This is ONE war that we can end quickly if anyone gave a crap!  Some people better wake up before the pirates become even bigger threat!

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  1. It is not about the ability but political will.

    I would have no trouble seeing pirates hang and then sending some jets to sink every boat and communications facility from the harbor that they came from as well as having armed security guards on these merchant ships, but a lot of people will. Also, of course, Somalia is not the only place where piracy happens – Straits of Malacca (if I spelled it right is another major place)

    Oh I also think that Somalia should be allowed to be broken up to borders that follow a more natural tribal and ethnic lines.

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