’05 G35x vs. ’07 G35

So with the basic warranty expiring on 3/29/09, I took my ’05 G35x in to have some annoying vibration noises right next to my head.  While they tracked the noise down, I had the “pleasure” to drive ’07 G35 as a loaner.  You’d think that newer models would leave you thirsting for more and wanting you to switch/upgrade… but I was rather suprised to… find myself disappointed.  Let me share my 2 cents about what is better (and worse) about the newer ’07 model.


  • Driver bucket seat is much more comfortable than in my ’05 model.
  • More power (306 hp vs 280 hp)
  • ’07 model has Aux input that my ’05 model soooo lacks for audio choices.


  • Pedal sucks!  ’05 model’s gas pedal is very linear and acts as expected.  However, with ’07 model, there seems to be a sudden change once you tap it more than half in.  First half, it is rather slow.  It’s almost as if you are FORCED punch it harder
  • There seems to be bit more roll in ’07 model than in ’05
  • Exterior design is not very pleasing…
  • Overall gas efficiency is not better than ’05 model.
  • Same cheap plastic-ky cheap-feel interior

So if you asked me to PAY to upgrade to ’07 model, I’d say “No thank you” and pass on the offer…  now, if we talk about the new ’09 G37 model with 7-speed transmission and slightly better gas efficiency and even more power (328 hp), that’s a different story!  In the end, newer does not necessarily mean better…

I wish they’d be done with my ’05 G35x already… and by the way, the new “name” for the car is “colonel”.  😀

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  1. Hmm…I would have expected that you would have said the interior showed some improvement as I thought the biggest improvement of the newer generation G was in refinement.

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