Soojin the Saint

I just spoke with Soojin… and if I wasn’t impressed with her already, I am way over that now…  why, you ask?

She told me how on the night before her discharge, she had an opportunity to share with one of the 4 other patients about Jesus Christ!  Are you impressed yet?!  They stroke up a conversation and shared about their lives and then spoke about Christ.  Eventually, Soojin ended up saying the acceptance prayer with her that night.  And then there was this elder lady… who came in for a surgery by herself.  Soojin felt that that lady needed a prayer.  So what does she do?  She drags her body over to her and prays for her!

By the time she was checking out, those two walked her out to the elevator… and then asked Soojin if she was a minister or something!!  LOL…  The woman just impresses me so much…  God bless her heart…  🙂

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  1. Thanks to the Lord, God bless Soojin!

    But Peter you would better use the wright word,
    Not Saint Evangelist. You need correction.

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