Back in the H-Town

After just too much of flying and butt hurting from sitting too long, I am back in Houston.  Thanks to Danny for picking me up from the airport!  😀

As for Soojin’s status update, she was discharged from the hospital but with dizziness still preventing her from walking around properly.  While resting at her mom’s home, she couldn’t stay anymore…  guess why?  That’s because 4 kids were making too much noise.  My sister-in-law came down with her 2 boys to help out.  While I am happy to hear that my kids are playing so well without either of the parents around, it’s hard for a sick person to be around them.  The noise from the kids were banging her head so badly that she just couldn’t stay there anymore…  So she is now staying at her aunt’s place.

I just pray that her recovery will be better… and faster.  Uncertainty can be nerve wrecking… I so wanted her and the kids to enjoy their stay in Korea… Now, I gotta get back to work… not looking forward to that too much…

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