Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  Yeah… 2008!

Well, really, I don’t know what the big deal is since the concept of “time” is man-made and so we are celebrating what?  I don’t feel any different… but I guess I will play along.  😛

We had a good visit to my parents’ for Christmas and New Year… my kids had a blast with their grandparents and cousins.  I also got to see some good ol’ friends I haven’t seen in some long time.

– Won Suk Lee, 7 years

– Christine Cho, met her fiancé, Clinton.

– Kevin Wu, 1 year

– Woosuk Sohn, 12 years!

Wish I had seen more friends (like Kwon Young, Will, Paidow, Yuri, Boris, and Ben) but we all have plans and family.  We didn’t get to see snow either… so that was disappointing.  Now, I’m back at work and just blah-ing…

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  1. good seeing you and your family too! not as much drama as the mr. won suk lee that you’ve posted about. but definitely fun!

  2. Yeah… I was thinking that if I had a million bucks, one of the things I’d definitely want to do is fly everyone to one location for a big reunion party! 🙂 But no money… 😛

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