Ethiopia Mission Trip Update: Day #9

Monday came rather painfully as most of us were tired. After breakfast and service and teaching morning classes, we were visited by Teddy (short for Theodore) who used to work in Jinma. A young married man, Teddy used to work to make the progress of getting all the projects that we had mentioned previously work together. Well, more than a year ago, there had been lots of mishaps, mostly on the government side, that caused money to dissipate and force 3 of the local branches to close. So last year, he moved from Jinma to Addis Ababa to work on the administration side. A very smart man who has the suaveness enough to get the Jinma government to allow the locals to run the 2 mills that were just sitting around. He truly has the gift of communication and we pray that he will be able to get the needed things up and running again.

Afternoon time was filled with shopping. Our sister Meskerem was filling better and had stopped by to say hi to all of us one last time. She will be starting college in 3 weeks so she will be busy.

In the evening, we had the opportunity to setup individual accounts on the computer for the girls that are staying in the hostel. More than half of the nine girls did not know how to use the computer well. For three, it was their first time touching the computer. Peter had a bit of difficulty but we were able to get them started on the very basics of turning the computer on and loggin on, and then turning it off. We do take lots of things for granted. While Peter was teaching them on one-on-one basis, Joanna, John, and Pastor Shawn were playing all kinds of games to bring smiles to the sisters.

And just before dinner time, as PS prayed (on his own) for Christine to be able to get her bladder working again, she was able to go freely!! God is wonderful indeed!

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