Soojin’s Rollercoaster

Soojin’s rollercoaster is located between Clear Lake City Blvd and Pineloch.  It’s on the southbound side of El Camino Real.  What is it?  It’s a bump at an intersection!  We were dropping off a gift to Soojin’s friend who lived in Korea for 12 years (though she’s half Caucasian and half Chinese!) and who was going to go to North Carolina with her family (she has 4 kids!) for family reunion!  The gift was a box of this newly found ramen called “Teum-sae” Ramen which is rather good and Soojin learned that her friend loves ramen!    Since they were leaving tomorrow morning, we dropped it off after Komart and on the way home, she said to take a slight detour to go through this intersection.

She calls it “rollercoaster”.  Why?  She’s scared to wits of them!  So this drive over a bump is her idea and limit on her “rollercoaster”!  So says to me, “Can you make a left at El Camino?”  I knew then that she wanted her “rollercoaster”.  She then tells me to stay on the right side and go faster! 

And as I “fly” over the bump at 45 mph or so, she goes “Woo hoo!”.  Cute.  She’s such unique person.  Please pray for her while I’m gone.  Thank you!  I will miss you honey! 

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