Starcraft II!!!!

I remember the first day… when I played Starcraft for the first time. It was way too much fun! Putting the Terrans against the Zergs and the Protoss was just way too much fun! That was year 1998.

Since then, the motherland Koreans have made the game their new “chess” and no one grows up without knowing it! It’s on freakin’ TV for crying out loud! Well, their zeal has paid off… as the great Blizzard Entertainment is bringing Starcraft II, baby!! 😀

I just saw the CG trailer and as the classic unit, Marine was putting its gears on, I was all riled up! And there was a gameplay video at high res (1280 x 720)!! OMG!! :O 3D terrains, brand spankin’ new units, old units with new abilities!! I was drooling!! I can’t wait to play this sequel!! 10 years in the making, I can only imagine~!!!!

Ooh… oh, and happy Father’s Day!! 😛

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