Be good to your pastors

What do you think is the most stressful job? I’m sure being a parent is quite stressful, along with being a teacher! But just as stressful is a pastor!

Both my father and my only brother are full-time pastors. They don’t get paid well. I grew up being a PK so I know first-hand how much stuff one has to do as a pastor. Well, my dad has been a long-time gungho pastor that proves that you don’t become one without 1) being called to be a pastor and 2) if you want to make lots of money! O_o

On top of all that, pastors these days must be well versed in computers, good in public speaking, be sociable and peacemakers. Even if everyone was helpful, the job is very stressful. My father, bless his heart, has become bold, has weak heart, and high blood pressure. And I attribute most of that due to stress. And where does stress for pastors come from mostly? People. The sheep. Members.

So treat your pastor out to lunch or dinner more often. Take better care of their family. Be more attentive to their needs. Give more of yourself to the church. I know Pastor Shawn will want me to delete the following stuff once he finds out, but there’s a LOT on his heart. And we as his sheep should help him in all that we can. Put more of your time into serving others. Take off from his plate. In the end, taking care of our pastor and his family is taking care of our own church. God bless. If he gets worn out, so will the church. Especially pray for his migraine headaches. Let Satan have nothing on him.

To me, pastors are my heroes.

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