UPS sucks!

Well, as most of you know, I sold these auto-related tools for Nick on eBay and generously, he donated all of the proceeds to mission support.  However, the buyer received them and said it wasn’t working so I said no problem, since I had shipped them insured.

Now, I find out that UPS denied my insurance claim!    I’m mad for this.  I have shipped quite a few via UPS always entrusting their insurance to pick up for damaged goods.  But this was the first time I had to take up on the claim and I am more than disappointed!  First they blame that I re-used the box.  WTH!!  And that I didn’t pad the contents properly?!  I put the bubble wrap generously on that for one, and so when I ship it, the UPS Store person couldn’t tell me that there’s a whole slew of crap load of restrictions to be considered “shipped properly”?!!

I quit UPS.  I’m now going to go FedEx route or USPS!   UPS, you suck!  And I quit you!

/*End Rant*/

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  1. End Rant; I work for that sorry company (UPS) unloading tractor trailers and I see damaged packages on a daily basis. Packages aren’t handled properly at all. The supervisors push everyone so hard that people have to throw packages in order to keep the flow of packages going the the way the company wants. Hell even supervisors throw packages as well. Then when something gets damaged and the customer tries to get the sorry-no-good company to pay for it they (UPS) say “it wasn’t packaged properly”. They do something similar if an employee gets injured on the job. What they do is; if an eployee gets an oji the sorry company will say that is was the employee’s fault that he or she got injured no matter what the circumstances were surrounding the injury.

    You see those butt holes at UPS don’t care at all about their employees or their customers the only thing they care about is money.

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