I am no artist!

It’s no secret… I’m not an artist nor am I gifted in arts.  So whenever Anna asks me to draw for her, I get stressed.  Today, she asked me, of all things, to draw panties!  And then ribbons!

There are two things she loves:  clothing and accessories!  😀  And she doesn’t just want one either!  She then wants me to draw several!   In this case, 16 panties, and about 50 or more ribbons!  😮  Yikes… But she loves to color them in!  So I have draw over and over, in different colors, the things she wants!  C’est la vie, n’est-ce pas?  I try to remind myself that these are the moments to cherish… and that she just loves it when I do this for her!  It’s one of her love languages!  🙂

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