Moderating the Mob Online

I have been rather busy lately with online responsibilities…
You see, starting with, I have become a moderator for 3 sites.
the Gamer Planet (tGP)
Coolest Gadets

The first one, my first “love”, is a computer-orieted forum site.  I’ve learned and helped loads of people via that site.  tGP is a site I found as I began playing Counter-Strike: Source.  Good team-oriented action brought me back again and again… and then they just asked me to be one of the 7 core members to help guide in the direction of the site!  😮  And then I stumbled across the Coolest Gadgets via Gizmodo, the gadget blog.

It’s been quite an experience becoming a moderator and all on these tech forums and sites.  But it’s also quite an experience… the biggest problem with big sites like is that it also attracts tons of spam!  😡  In the end, it’s very exciting in this world of geekiness…  Hee…

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