The Worm Song

So I play a bit more with the kids today and Anna brings over a Sesame Street book and find Oscar. As we talk about Oscar’s dirty trash can, we talked about worms as well and spontaneously, I sang her this song. The original Korean lyrics (written by yours truly) is:

지렁이는 씹으면은 맛이없어요.
씹으면은 물컹물컹 웩웩웩!
Roughly translated, “Worms are yucky if you chew them. If you chew them, slimy slimy, wook, wook wook! (gesture of throwing up)” Well, it was a sure hit! Such a big hit that Anna loved it to death and asked me to sing it only about 100 times!! Then I got so sick of singing it that I decided to record it!! So we recorded it and if it works, it should play when you visit this site!! LOL…

If it doesn’t play and you wanna listen, it’s here at this link.

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