The End of “Alias”

Well, it finally came!  No more “Alias”!  I say good riddance!  As much as the first two years were awesome, it’s been on its down hill ever since third season or so.  Soojin and I fell in love with the show when it first aired 5 years ago… the suspense and the plot twists.  It kept especially Soojin all excited and theorizing on what was going on! 

Then after second season, things started to just get way too complicated.  Too many people dying and fake dying.  Plots getting way too complicated.  And then it felt like, *gasp*, “X-Files”!    Things started to get predictable and repetitive, just like X-Files.  And I was afraid that they’d can the show w/o any good amount of closure.  I hated Fox for that.  X-Files just disappeared and there weren’t any answers … just more unanswered questions.

Well, this rather quick two-episode season and series finale brought a closure to the series, but rather too abrupt, if you ask me!  Oh well… it’s over at least.  And good riddance, I say…

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