Grandmas and Wrestling

I miss my grandma.  Shucks.  We lived close to her in my childhood from when I was 9 till 12.  This is the same grandma that passed away to be with God earlier this year in January… 

What prompted this?  Well, my mother-in-law, Anna and JJ’s grandmother, has been staying with us for past 3 weeks now.  And there’s one thing she LOVES!  WWE wrestling!!    How weird is that?!  She knows of the what’s going ons more than I do!  Just this past Friday or so, she got to watch one and she felt soooo good after that one as the bad guy was smacked with a chair!!  Ha ha ha…  she said that she could sleep well that night!  What is up with Korean grandmas??!!

My belated grandmother also loved wrestling… swearing left and right, throwing in her own gestures of sorts… I miss her.    I hope she gets to see some good re-runs up in Heaven!    Here’s to you grandma!  You rock!

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