Portrait of Christ

Part I

            Imagine, if you will,
            The last few days of Christ.
            Before the Crucifixion.

            Barabbas released;
            Unfair for the fair.
            Christ to the Cross, the rotten wood.
            To be given the worst death sentence
            Of His time.

            Thorny crown on His head
            Deeply piercing for blood.
            Mocked as a “fake”
            With a purple robe, made fun of.

            Bearing His own heavy tree
            To the hills of Golgotha.
            Barefoot.  On gravel.  Bleeding.
            Sweat dripping down mixed with blood,
            Stenching His white clothes.

            Crucified on the third hour
            With His title over Him.
            Spat at.
            Ridiculed at.  Insulted.

            Loneliness.  In Anguish…
            Darkness filled the sky.
            So dark that the earth shook.
            And at a tremendous rate,
            The sins of the Past,
            The Present,
            And the Future flowed
            Vehemently into Him.

            But the worst was not over
            For God had to abandon Him.
            “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?!”
            So He screamed to the Heavens
            About to be handed over to
            Isolation in Hell.

            Yet, they still had to torture Him.
            Offered vinegar as a drink to worsen His thirst
            To a man who lost one pint too many.

            In His pains & sorrow,
            He cried out loudly…
            It echoed to the eight corners of the Earth.
            His head fell.

            The tearing of the curtains
            Showed the Father’s anger.
            The nature brought
            Calamity for
            It even showed mournful heart.

             …And as if that wasn’t enough,
            They had to put a spear through Him
            To shed only more blood
            And split His White clothes
            Amongst themselves,
            To satisfy their greed beyond their soul.

            Humiliation.  in front of everyone.
            Torture.  smeared into His pure body.
            Mockery.  of disdain and indifference.
            Pain.  that was humanly unbearable.
            PAIN!  The Father’s Abandonment.
            Isolation.  beyond anyone’s Imagination in Hell.
            Abandonment.  no longer feeling Father’s Presence…
            His Vitality.
            One who was always full of Spirit
            Was now full of sin.

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