Two words that JJ has mastered…

Being a boy, JJ has been slower at picking up language and vocabulary.  However, he has been making progress.  Now, he uses two words on a very regular basis with good pronunciation.  What are these two words, you ask?  “What?” and “Why?”.

It is so funny the way he has discovered in using these two puny yet powerful words.  Example:

JJ:  Daddy. Toothpaste.

Me: No.

JJ:  Why?

Me: ’cause you eat the toothpaste.

JJ:  Why?

And if you call him for anything, he simply replies.  “What?”  Not in a rude voice or anything but just simply and factually.  You have to be there, I guess.

Ah the pure joys of parenthood… that and having to hear his whining constantly!  :p

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