250 miles in 24 hours!

Wow… we didn’t really go out of town… yet, we managed to put about 250 miles on the Accord within the last 24 hour period!! šŸ˜® Sheesh… Driving used to be such an amusement in the past. I used to drive to nowhere to just see the sights and when I went to school in Worcester, I used to drive to New England for foliage and such.

Those were the fun days… However, nowadays, it’s not so much fun anymore. Especially considering that most of the time is spent in traffic jam and always thinking of ways to get around it. You’d think that you never left New York City! šŸ˜›

It’s a mania of sorts to drive around this city of Houston. But if you do live here and have Internet access (uh… I guess most have that nowadays!), you must check out Houston Real-Time Traffic Map! It’s an essential aid in fighting against crime…uh… I mean traffic!

Don’t leave home without it! And at the gas price still being over $2/gallon, it’s quite expensive to get around this large city. But what are you going to do when everyone lives so far apart?! I got so caffeinated in the last 24 hours that I am now somewhat sick from it. It should get better though…

Have you tried driving around with two kids in the car who have to sing along to “Dora: The Explorer” soundtrack?! I must’ve heard it at least 100 times by now… Well, I gotta retain my sanity by seeing something more entertaining! šŸ™‚

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