Insane Hubless Motorcycle With Airplane Engine


This is a video of the Tarso Marque Concepts (TMC) Dumont, a motorcycle with hubless wheels that’s powered by an airplane engine. It’s presumably the lovechild of a TRON lightcycle and a Cessna. Regardless, I feel like it should really have a seatback, because if you lean too far backwards that tire is gonna give you a very unwelcome body massage. That said, I would totally ride this thing to Bike Week and hang out with the rest of my rough and tough motorcycle gang. Well, what do you dudes say, is it time for some *lifting shirt* body shots?! No? That’s cool. *to bartender* I’ll just have a white wine spritzer.

Keep going for a video of the the thing in action, as well as a timelapse of it being constructed while I speculate if this thing is capable of turning at all.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who we should all have flying motorcycles already. What’s taking so long?

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July 11, 2018 at 12:47PM

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