You Can Stream Thousands of Movies for Free With a New York Public Library Card

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Starting Friday, anyone with a New York Public Library or Brooklyn Public Library will be able to stream thousands of awesome movies, including the entire Criterion Collection. Why? Because libraries are awesome, that’s why.

Truth be told, New York is playing a bit of catch up, after Los Angeles offered its public library card holders streaming movie privileges last month. Both cities offer this great new perk through Kanopy, a streaming video service that works with public libraries and universities all over the country. Even if you don’t live in New York or LA, there’s a chance your local public library also offers this service. (Go to Kanopy’s website to see if you’re in luck.)

We’re not talking about free access to a bunch crappy movies you’ve never heard of. In addition to the Criterion Collection, you’ll find indie hits like 2 Days in Paris, classic masterpieces like Day of the Dead, and award-winning documentaries like I Am Not Your Negro. The New York Public Library deal does have some limitations, though. You can only stream 10 movies a month with a NYPL card and just six if you have a BPL card. It’s unclear if Brooklynites can double up and use both library cards to watch 16 movies a month. On the bright side, you can stream movies from Kanopy to any device.

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You can apply online for a New York Public Library card here and a Brooklyn Public Library card here. Information about LA Public Library cards can be found here. And don’t forget: Not only do these library cards offer free movies, you can borrow books for free, too. Free knowledge!


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Dreams Really Do Come True: LEGO Releasing Official Voltron Set


Remember that Voltron LEGO set proposed by LEGO Ideas user len_d69 back in April of 2016? Well after receiving the requisite amount of votes (10,000) and being reviewed by the team at LEGO, they’ve officially announced the set will go into production. The set, scheduled for release next year, will consist of five separate robot lions that can be morphed into Voltron. No word on price yet, but I imagine it will be at the higher end of the spectrum. I’m thinking somewhere in the tens to hundreds of millions of dollars range. “You do realize it’s not lifesize, right?” Wait — what? Tell me you’re joking. “Are you mentally ill?” *putting on cool guy shades with one lens missing* I am the mentally illest.

Keep going for a couple more shots of the disappointingly small Voltron.





Thanks to Brian, who promised I could come over and build the set with him, which I accepted because there’s no way I’ll be able to afford my own.

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Cyborg!: Woman Demonstrates LED Eyelashes

This is a video of Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu and her tutorial for wearing Soomi LED eyelashes. And I’m 100% confident Naomi is, in fact, a cyborg. The question is whether she’s more human or machine. I’m thinking approximately 60% human, 40% machine, but that’s just a guesstimate and I’d have to take a look at her central processing unit to learn more. “What the hell are you talking about?” I don’t know, I just like pretending we live in the future. So — wanna come over and watch the spacejet races on holovision tonight?

Keep going for the busty video.


Thanks to Luc, who agrees these would be the opposite of perfect for playing hide and seek at night.

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