Build A Lightweight Tent For A Pittance

Graham Murdoch

Ultralight tents don’t have to lighten your wallet.Save a bundle of cash by making one from Tyvek. The breathable, water-resistant material, a favorite of home contractors, weighs less than two ounces and costs about $2 per square yard. Here’s how to fashion a featherweight bivouac from the stuff. 


Two 6-foot by 9-foot sheets of Tyvek HomeWrap, hammer, ½-inch grommet kit, 8 lengths of 12-foot-long parachute cord (or thin rope)


1) Lay one Tyvek sheet on the ground, and fold over three inches of each edge.

2) Hammer a grommet into each corner and the center of each folded edge.

3) Tie a parachute cord to each grommet.

4) Push a tall stick into the center grommet of one short side. Stake or tie the other end. 

5) Fasten the ends of the parachute cords to trees, rocks, or stakes to pull the Tyvek taut.

6) Use the other sheet as a ground cloth, roll out a sleeping bag, and catch some z’s.

Approximate time: 1 hour

Cost: About $25

Difficulty: 1/5

WARNING: Bad weather could send this temporary shelter sailing. Build and use at your own risk. 


This article originally appeard in the April 2014 issue of Popular Science. 

from Popular Science

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