From Droid Life: Samsung Galaxy S4 to Utilize New “Eye-Scrolling” Feature

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With the introduction of last year’s Galaxy S3, Samsung showed the world how smart a smartphone could be. With Smart Stay, the S3′s camera would see if your eyes were open and focused on the device, and would determine if it should dim its display or not. Fancy, right? Well, Samsung is looking to take that a step further with a new eye-scrolling feature that is said to come equipped on the Galaxy S4. 

With eye-scrolling, once a user has reached the bottom or end of a page, the device will automatically scroll onward to the next section of whatever it is you are reading/looking at. According to the source, it was not yet determined if this feature would be shown off at the March 14 Unpacked event, but the device’s software enhancements were most definitely in the front seat compared to hardware this year.

As for me, I don’t have any of the Smart features enabled currently on my Note 2, but this one is definitely something I would like to try out.

Via: NYT

from Droid Life

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