From Ars Technica: Ars readers pick the 12 most incredible webcomics

Last Friday, we nominated our favorite webcomics and asked you to recommend yours. Boy, did Ars readers deliver. Approximately 123 unique recommendations later, we’re culling the best and most recommended comics into a handy list for your perusal. There’s a lot our original list missed, and because we can’t list all 123 recommendations here, we’ll inevitably miss a lot more in this follow up. But here are some overwhelmingly reader-approved webcomics that you’ll want to check out (if you haven’t done so already.)

Shlock Mercenary

If ever there was an exercise in dedication, it appears to be embodied by the creator of Schlock Mercenary. Cervus got into the comments early to tell us “No Schlock Mercenary? I am disappoint. Hard scifi webcomic, updated without missing a day since June of 2000. Nominated for the Hugo several times (lost to Girl Genius on all of them).” abj21 agreed with, “This. Schlock is by far my favorite webcomic. I have been reading it daily for over a decade.”

“[N]ot only is it hard scifi with strong story arcs, it manages to bring the funny nearly every day,” wrote swilhelm. And reader davolfman gives us the reason behind his respect for the comic: “I think Schlock Mercenary should be on any list. It is probably by far the most professional webcomic out there with an artist who supports a family now and does what it takes to have a daily comic for more than a decade straight without interruption. He didn’t start with any talent just a plan to do it right and has stuck with it while the art improved.”

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