Syma S107/S107G R/C Helicopter Review

Syma S107

Yup.  You are looking at an R/C helicopter.  In fact, it’s Syma S107 from  And no, I am not endorsed by them.  That would be wicked cool!  😛  You see, there are two wishes that I knew that would never happen to me: 1) professional racer and 2) pilot.  So R/C (Radio-Controlled) vehicles come in.  However, most of you should know that airplanes are hard to control as you are in the AIR!  So you’d think that flying a helicopter would be worse!  Well, I am here to prove to you that it’s not!

I have NEVER flown any kind of R/C aircraft previously!  You see, this one has gyro to help in stability and while it’s not perfect, it’s enough to help a newbie like myself fly one!  And to top that, it’s only $18!  This one charges via USB cable or from the remote control.  The 3-axis remote control takes 6 AA batteries (can you say re-chargeable?!) and after about 40 minutes of charging, you are set!

I was nervous at first but in minutes, I had this thing moving in the apartment!!  Without breaking anything!  It is quite durable as I hit it on the (rotating) ceiling fan!  Yikes.  I had a blast and look forward to flying it some more OUTSIDE (range is only 30′ though) tomorrow morning!  Meanwhile, here are some pics I managed to squeeze in…  Flying and taking pics at the same time ain’t easy… who figured?!  😛


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