No Tech Gadgets for My Kids

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Gizmodo reported that 1/3 of 11-year-olds in the US own a cell phone!!  What kind of crazy world is this?!  Sure technology has advanced but I for one do NOT plan on introducing/indulging my kids in tech stuff, be it cell phones or Nintendo DS.

We try to limit the amount of TV that the kids watch.  Heck, we stopped showing them Bakugan TV shows after it seemed to make them more agitated and rude!  Video games?  As much as I love them, I don’t plan on introducing them to DS or Wii until they are well over 10 years old!

Why?  Can you say ADD?!  I blame much of TV and all these tech gadgets and toys for making our children lose focus and develop very short attention span!  Heck, it seems to affect even us adults!  I think playing with old school but proven stuff like Lego and reading is better way to go…

Even the TV commercials don’t help.  So we minimize on these 30-second-slot ADD-inducing hysteria.

Since not watching Bakugan, my kids’ sense of aggression has decreased significantly.  I kid you not.  They have difficult time as it is staying focused so I don’t need other gadgets to detract them from focusing.  Learning to do one thing for a long time seems to be a lost art.  In my mind, that’s a danger to our society.  Being able to dedicate to one needed activity for an extended period of time is a must in my opinion.

Do I seem a bit extreme?  I was concerned about that at first but don’t care anymore.  I am focusing on my kids’ long-term development.  What say you, other parents and teachers?  Am I really that crazy?!

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  1. Pete,
    I was with you, but then I zoned out before I could finish your post… just kidding.
    Reminded me of a great post from Nicholas Carr (he’s got a book coming out called “The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains”).
    I’m probably not as extreme, my 6 year old does get to play on PBS Kids and Disney online a little and both of my kids get a little Wii exposure (but it’s usually like a family game time and they do get to jump around alot).
    My general belief is that as long as the parents are doing most of the raising rather than TV or other tech that you’re probably OK.

  2. I agree with you on that Stu… the general rule of thumb is whether the TV or the DS or the Wii is doing the “babysitting” when they should be being raised by their parents. There are exceptions (like single parents) but still…

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