Once: A Totally Mesmerizing Video AND Audio Experience!

I first heard them on NPR last Friday.  Check their video interview/concert out!  So I was intrigued by their rather memerizing and VERY original works.  Then I learned that these two called “The Swell Season” were brought together because of a “small” movie called “Once“.  It was released in 2006 and since it was on Netflix, I decided to check them out.

Boy, was I glad I did it!!  I can’t stop enjoying the movie!!  And the music was even more so!  It was mesmerizing and haunting, in good ways!  The songs are just so original!  If they had to be compared to something, dare I say it’s comparable to Simon & Garfunkel’s work!  The movie story is rather simple of two people who cross path because of music.  The songs are sooo original that it’s refreshing!  I loved the soundtrack so much that I ended up buying it on Amazon.com!  I have listend to it 4 times already!

The guy’s voice (Glen Hansard) is very gritty and his lyrics are very honest.  The woman’s voice, Marketa Irglova, is gentle but not boring.  And their combination is just very explosive!!  I really recommend this to everyone out there!  Go watch it and listen to it!

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  1. Dood, you are totally late on the bandwagon. Yes, this movie was good. I like how they didn’t hook up at the end. Very indie type feel. Not typical romantic movie, which I normally hate. The song won an Oscar, I think.

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