CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of 2008

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What have you done for the year to date?  CNN has listed its top 10 people that have seen beyond themselves to help those that are around them, both near and far.  It was such a moving story to see how one person changed and helped so many.

The point to strive as a Christian should be as to be on that list but without being actually in it.  After all, God said to do a good deed in secret so as to not let your hand know what the other is doing.  Always trying to reach out beyond myself will always be the goal of my life.  Why?  Because God has inspired me to be and without Him in the first place, I wouldn’t be where I am to begin with.

Are you challenged?  If so, challenge others.  I want to be a radical transformer of our society for Christ.

3 Replies to “CNN’s Top 10 Heroes of 2008”

  1. I commend all ten of the selfless candidates for CNN’s Heroes of 2008. However, I ask why didn’t CNN include one single military combat vet in their candidates? Volunteering to help the helpless is only a first step in being a hero.

    Being a hero means being scared as hell and doing the right thing for someone else even though it might kill you.

  2. Well, I didn’t say that CNN wasn’t biased for a reason… but fyi, in my book, all soldiers that are at the frontlines throughout the world are heroes by default.

  3. I was trying to enter a similar comment. I am grateful for the 10 people named and their selfless service. But is CNN so far Left Wing that they can’t find ONE of hundreds if not thousands of our troops serving in combat zones worthy of hero status??? Where are our morals, where is our sense of patriotism? I guess th Communist News Network is all about Socialism.

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