Evelyn: Paternal Review

It’s true that life changes when you become a parent… but one thing I did not expect is the perspective on life… including the media.  Shiiiite… why does every freakin’ movie you watch have to do with something about fatherhood?!! 

“Evelyn” is based on true story of yonder years when old and outdated law in Ireland prevents a father from regaining his children when his wife leaves him.  The sheer will of the father to fight the system to regain the only people that matter in his life, things climb up the ladder to the Supreme Court, facing for entire children in Ireland.

As a father, this movie was a heartbreaker.  I can’t imagine how crazy I would be if I were in his shoes.  As much as I could care less about Pierce Brosnan, he did awesome job in making me not hate him in this movie.  I can only imagine that I would go crazy if my kids were taken away from me and was forbidden from ever seeing my kids again.  It not only broke my heart seeing another father suffer, but made me furious at seeing how an entity that was created to watch over us, like a government, could become so heartless.

We have enough problem in this world where parents no longer want their children, and so we surely don’t need the world stop the parents that actually do want their kids from seeing them!    From the get go, I was biased towards the movie.  I will acknowledge that.  Yet this movie re-invigorated the true meaning of being a father, despite the odds, despite what others say.

A child’s life is hugely impacted, affected, and shaped by the parents.  I pray that I will be a one to match…  The movie is a must-see for anyone who is a parent or one who will be one.

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