Transformers The Movie (2007): The Review

I still remember … seeing the movie … when I was 12 years old! It was beyond awesome! Megatron was still a gun and Bumblebee was still a VW Beetle.

Now, they are a plane and Camaro, respectively. Whoopie… I wasn’t too thrilled about it… but being a fan from the yonder years, I still had to watch it.

Thanks to local Chinese church’s VBS (Vacation Bible School), I had free time! So I went to watch it tonight. It was… ok. Too much modernization for me… I guess I will be cursed as the old school when it comes to Transformers.


They killed off Megatron way too easily and way too fast, in my opinion. Plot was just meh… I felt that the original animated movie had better plot. And the action was just too fast… didn’t have time to absorb the sequences at all. Felt like the second half of the movie was just way too fast paced. Die Hard 4 was better at that… oh well.

And Starscream was way more annoying!! Frenzy?! What the… Soundwave was da man! Oh well… Still, there is a difference between “staying up to date” and trying to “woo the younger crowd with latest CG by abandoning your roots”. In this case, they came *THIS* close to abandoning the roots.

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