ATI (um, now AMD) makes a turd come back!

Competition is usually a good thing.  That’s especially the case from a consumer’s point of view.  It drives the businesses to deliver better products at better cheaper prices.  You say Intel, I say AMD.  You say nVidia, I say ATI, um… I mean now, AMD as AMD bought out ATI.

After what felt like decades of delays (though in effect about 6 months or so), ATI/AMD finally released HD 2900. If you just google search on  it, you will get loads of reviews saying how disappointing it is.  Why?  ‘Cause nVidia still is the king in the graphics processing kingdom.  8800GTX pwns the HD 2900!!  Without much trying even!    Why is this a sad news for me?  It’s because I had hopes for ATI merger with AMD.  AMD, if you are listening, get your act together!!   Don’t become another 3Dfx!!

As a die-hard PC gamer, I sure hope for healthy balance in the hardware industry.  AMD needs to make a comeback to Intel’s Core 2 Duo, and ATI needs to fight off 8800 GTX (now with Ultra).  This has been a nerd’s ticked-off show-down thread.   

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