Nat & Frankie

Many of you may think that I only listen to alternative, rock or ska music genres… Well, I do listen to other genres.  The other two that most do not know of is 1) classical and 2) jazz.

Ever since high school and I discovered(?) Nat King Cole, I have been a huge fan of this great and beloved singer.  His voice is just sheer amazement to me.  It’s the kind that brings ease and comfort to my soul when I need it.  Of all the songs he has sung, my all time favorite has to be “L-O-V-E”.  You know… the song that goes “L is for the way you look at me.  O is for the only one I see…”.  Don’t make me sing it!  😛  In fact, that was one of my dreams (and still is), to be one of the backup singers for Nat King Cole.  However, due to my lack of singing skills, (and the fact that the legendary singer is no longer here on earth) it will forever remain a dream in my heart.

Since then, I have also discovered Frank Sinatra.  His voice is also rather legendary and memorable.  What is in their voices??!!  My all time favorite of his songs is “Fly me to the moon”.  Other very significant singers to me include the great Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

Additionally, swing is an awesome variation on jazz (which is also why I love and discovered ska!).  Indeed… you just wanna dance when you hear that and it puts you in the jive…  Go listen to some!  😉

Technology Advancement… is it really advancement?

The past 30 years have been just simply amazing… Technology as we know it continues to change and all these “technological evolution”… it brings a constant question to an engineer like myself: “Is technology advancement really an advancement?”

I had written a sociology paper about 12 years ago in college. I will provide a link to that later but in the mean time, there are two things that we must address to categorize such existence of “technology advancement”. First is the impact on human emotion and attachment and second is the spiral effect of technological impact on the society.

Frankly, I have doubts. I don’t trust myself nor the humanity. We are bound to make mistakes in the “name of science” just like we did with the nuclear bombs. So long as we are humans (and especially without God in the picture), such horrendous “progress” will always abound. Sooner or later, greed and atrocity kicks in. Full speed.

I don’t look forward to that… This also brings in the counter question: “Should we continue developing technology at all?” Humans are like creatures of habit. It’s in my gene and our nature to continue this path. We can only pray that we don’t make mistakes and ask God for humility and guidance. Careful retrospective looks must continuously be applied…

Well? What say you? Share…

Pondering on the fatherhood…

I wonder what God was thinking and feeling … when He created us.

Why do I ponder you ask? That’s because I find both joy and frustration at this point in time. It’s always a joy to see life growing as well as learning new things, doing things that you never imagined possible. Yet, when they whine and cry at the tiniest things, it can drive any human darn near crazy!

I had such case of the latter today… things were going as usual… fed them, cleaned them up, let them play a bit so I can rest, took them to Wal Mart for our shopping… and when we return, my second baby goes awall about the candy snack I give him. Wow… my voice climbs higher and louder than any rock band. As I sit down now, I still wonder what God was thinking… and all I have to say is that I’m so glad he’s not a human! 🙂

Techie and Kids

Well, take a look at this…

What is that you ask? It’s a computer that my daughter made! She sees me so much on computer that she decided to make her own! Awesome!! 😀

Next image we have is …

Anna listening to my favorite classical music piece: A. Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. Here’s my son, JJ, listening as well!

The headphone HD-535 is by the famous German company called Sennheiser. Their headphones are simply awesome. The detail that gets recreated on these phones is simply just amazing! I am a newbie audiophile in that sense. 😉 I always rip my music CDs at 192 kbps VBR (Variable Bit Rate) using Exact Audio Copy, a freeware, and LAME encoder. What comes out is near-CD quality MP3 audio! Yummy!

250 miles in 24 hours!

Wow… we didn’t really go out of town… yet, we managed to put about 250 miles on the Accord within the last 24 hour period!! 😮 Sheesh… Driving used to be such an amusement in the past. I used to drive to nowhere to just see the sights and when I went to school in Worcester, I used to drive to New England for foliage and such.

Those were the fun days… However, nowadays, it’s not so much fun anymore. Especially considering that most of the time is spent in traffic jam and always thinking of ways to get around it. You’d think that you never left New York City! 😛

It’s a mania of sorts to drive around this city of Houston. But if you do live here and have Internet access (uh… I guess most have that nowadays!), you must check out Houston Real-Time Traffic Map! It’s an essential aid in fighting against crime…uh… I mean traffic!

Don’t leave home without it! And at the gas price still being over $2/gallon, it’s quite expensive to get around this large city. But what are you going to do when everyone lives so far apart?! I got so caffeinated in the last 24 hours that I am now somewhat sick from it. It should get better though…

Have you tried driving around with two kids in the car who have to sing along to “Dora: The Explorer” soundtrack?! I must’ve heard it at least 100 times by now… Well, I gotta retain my sanity by seeing something more entertaining! 🙂