Five Elements Robotics reveals Dash, the robotic shopping cart

dashWhen it comes to shopping, many of us have already made the migration towards online shopping. It is a no-brainer actually — there is no need to fight for parking, and neither do you get lost from trying to look for your vehicle after a particularly long and difficult shopping session. Not only that, you save more money in terms of parking and gas. Well, for those of us who still love to have the touch and feel of a standard grocery store, how about checking out the Dash robotic shopping cart from Five Elements Robotics?

With the Dash robotic shopping cart, the future of shopping is definitely at your fingertips! Specially designed to cater for the frustrated shopper, all that you need to do is to walk up to Dash, transfer your shopping list from your phone, or even come up with one on the fly via the store search feature, and then allow the robot to map out the most effective route to the rest of your items. Of course, I do not expect the kind of artificial intelligence that it has to be able to figure out which aisles are the busier ones at the moment, and if it could, it would be downright uncanny — scary, even.

Dash will come with a scanner and payment system, allowing the customer to scan and pay for their items right at the cart itself. Yes, you read that right, there is no longer any more need to wait in line. Once you are done paying for the items, the cart will then follow you to your vehicle of choice so that you can unload the week’s groceries and purchases there. When emptied, the cart will make its way back to the store and docking station for recharging as well as pick up from a new customer, while you simply make your way home. No longer will there be shopping carts littered all over the parking lots in a haphazard manner. Expect the Dash robotic shopping carts to hit stores this 2017.

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