Samsung EV battery offers 500km range with 20 minutes of charge

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373 miles of driving that can be "fast charged" in just 20 minutes.

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Kodak brings back classic Ektachrome color reversal film

Kodak Ektachrome color-positive film, beloved by portrait photographers and indie filmmakers alike, is rising from the dead. Kodak Alaris will start selling the classic 135-36x 35mm and Super 8 movie films in the fourth quarter of this year, the company said in a statement. The stock (also called reversal or slide film) was discontinued in 2012, and is known for its extremely fine grain and saturated colors. It’s also cherished by indie filmmakers for its ability to be "pushed," producing an artistically grainy effect (see the trailer for Buffalo 66, embedded below).

After a campaign of sorts by filmmakers like Martin Scorcese, Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan, plus a deal forged with major studios, Kodak agreed to keep movie film stocks alive for the foreseeable future. Then, last year at CES 2016, the company unveiled a new digital hybrid Super 8 movie camera and film to go with it. Via a Kickstarter arrangement, Kodak also agreed to provide free film stock to student filmmakers to further encourage its use.

Ektachrome is an unusual format that produces a positive print suitable for slides or professional pre-printing processes. For that reason, it "became iconic in no small part due the extensive use of slide film by National Geographic Magazine over several decades," Kodak Alaris wrote. The E6 development process is more onerous than for regular films, but the company says many pro labs can still do it.

Kodak said the brand was in high demand by analog photographers. "We’ve been listening to the needs and desires of photographers over the past several years and wanted to bring back a color reversal film. In assessing the opportunity, Ektachrome was the clear choice," says Kodak Alaris President Dennis Olbrich. At this point, there’s no word on whether it’ll bring the stock back to Super 35mm or 16mm movie films.

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Whill’s all-terrain wheelchair is built for rough surfaces

Danielle Kent rode her wheelchair toward a black ramp at the Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is taking place. She gently pressed on a small controller on the right armrest before the powered wheelchair went over a three-inch bump to climb the incline. Seconds later, Kent made a smooth turn onto a stone-covered path. The personal vehicle, designed by a wheelchair-making company called Whill, navigated the bumpy end of the ramp with ease.

Over two million people rely on wheelchairs in the US alone. Still, accessibility vehicles like wheelchairs have seen little improvements over the years. While some companies have been building powerful machines that can help people with disability navigate the streets, most electric wheelchairs continue to be too bulky for public doorways and tend to get stuck on turns and rough surfaces. The limitations keep many manual wheelchair users from switching over to powered machines. The latest model from Whill, however, is designed to instill confidence in the users so that they’re able to move independently.

Model M is an all-terrain EV with omni-wheels and a sturdy build. It enables people with multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries to use the same machine both indoors and outdoors. According to Kent, the director of product marketing at Whill, the new design takes up almost the same amount of room as her old manual wheelchair. The compact machine pushes the wheelchair to run at three speed modes plus a stationary mode that keeps it stable in case someone knocks into it. But that’s not all the machine will do.

The company also has plans to introduce autonomous driving for people with disabilities, suggesting the built-in software has the potential to evolve as driverless technologies become more capable of moving wheelchairs. Additionally, Whill has a mobile app in the making that will wirelessly help control navigation for safer mobility.

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Netflix Made a Free Video Game Featuring Characters From Its Shows, Play It Now

Streaming giant Netflix has made and released a video game. Netflix Infinite Runner, as it’s called, is a retro-themed endless running game featuring characters from the network’s original shows (via Engadget).

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You can choose to play as Pablo Escobar (Narcos), Marco Polo (Marco Polo), Piper Chapman (Orange is the New Black), or Mike Wheeler (Stranger Things). You’ll play a different level based on your selection. For example, choose Escobar and you’ll sprint through the Colombian jungle, while the Stranger Things game eventually challenges you to escape the Demogorgon.

Your character runs automatically, so all you have to do is press the space bar to jump; you can also perform a double jump. There is chip-tune music based on songs from each show, which is a nice touch.

Go play Netflix Infinite Runner here.

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