My Favorite Podcasts

This is the 21st century folks.  Let’s make that clear.  With that, things are moving to all sorts of new directions.  One of those is a new style of show distribution called “podcasts”.  It’s a talk show of sorts that talks about just about anything.  Here are some of current favorites that I recommend.

Car Enthusiasts

  • Car Talk – By far the best car-related podcast anywhere…. hands down!
  • Autoblog – A great resource of new cars and other related things.

Consumer Technology

  • Engadget – A very entertaining way to keep on top of new tech on a weekly basis.

PC Gaming

  • PC Gamer – Entertaining way to keep up to date with the PC gaming world.
  • Gamers with Jobs – If you can stand their dirty mouths, these guys are very honest and fun to listen to

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  1. Funny you blogged about this because I just got back into podcasts this week. My 2 favorites are “The New Yorker Fiction” and “This American Life.”

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