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In case you haven’t heard or really follow the series, “Lost” is finally found.  It’s over.  Yup.  Series has ended as of Sunday, and I finally got to see the ending…

In case you also forgot, this series was directed by the one and the same:  J. J. Abrams who brought “Alias” to us.   Yup.  I hated the ending to that series.  The complicated plot that should’ve been addressed more appropriately came to a screeching and frustrating ending.  “Lost” has NOT been any different!  It has brought in way more questions than answers… each season!  By third season, I was officially frustrated with it and watched it only to watch with my wife.

So when I heard this would be the last season, I didn’t have very high expectation thinking that J.J. would botch this one too.  It was a mixed review on Sunday night when I rudely discovered that the series finale would air on Sunday instead of its ‘regular’ Tuesday.  Not only that, people were already throwing out spoilers!  Sheesh… But I managed to stay away and finally watched the finale today.


I expected disappointment and while I wasn’t blown away for sure, it ended rather… pleasantly.  No it did NOT answer all the questions… including what the island is to begin with and why it’s there in the first place!  However, what I did NOT expect was the more personal touch to the series.  As all the cast members gathered in the church towards the end, it felt like the writers were hinting at religious theme and an ending.  That’s not what made me forgive its (still) botchy ending.  It was how the characters interacted to the end.  Also, the way the black smoke/John was killed off by “turning” off the light source was ingenious and was not expected!

I guess the writers and the directors knew that the ending was impossible to answer all the questions… so only with few major questions answered, they decided to leave it to our imaginations.  And you know what?  Unlike “Alias” ending, I was not minding it at all… I still would love to find out more answers and wished for more concrete implications of what the final “gathering” in the church meant but I will let the show go…

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  1. I loved the ending, not because it was perfect, but rather because it was touching!

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