Curiously Odd Habits

It started when we visited H-Mart.  JJ had asked me which color he should pick: white or green.  I had no idea so I said green.  Then he started hopping on only the green tiles.

I didn’t teach him this stuff but it came out.  I remember my younger days and creating a game out of it myself to jump only from a shadow to another shadow, or to step only in particular tiles or shapes.  Here is JJ doing the very same thing but I hadn’t even mentioned it!  I was so enticed on how kids can play and how certain habits and ways of playing  just get passed down genetically.

I played with him of course and he’d complain every now and then how green tiles seemed so far from each other.  It’s really good to be a kid… and I am so glad that JJ is enjoying his childhood… even if he doesn’t quite realize it.  I hope he and Anna will continue to have fun being kids.  It only lasts a short time anyway…

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