Zit-popers & Wax-pickers Gross Me Out!

Ok… I don’t remember how we got to this topic but I was talking with my co-workers when we started talking about ear wax.  Soojin loves to pick ear wax.  Going one step further (and this is not for the faint at heart), she loves to pick wax even from the belly button!!  😮  That’s just nasty!

Not only that, but she’s also a zit-popper!  You know who you are!  There are a rather (disturbingly) large number of people out there that cannot leave a zit alone!  WTH?!  People like Soojin will always ask me if they can pop it for me.  Um… no!  Yikes…

Are you a zit-popper or a wax-picker?!  You guys need help!!  😛

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