I got hacked! Part II – PayPal

I wake up this morning and get two e-mails from PayPal. They are receipts that get sent automatically upon paying someone. www.chinesetravler.com I don’t recognize the site and checked it out. The whole site is in Chinese!! 😡 My account got hacked obviously so I logged in to change password and such and then file a claim for unauthorized payments.

Later on, the website personnel called me to confirm if this was my own doing or not.  Of course, I told him it wasn’t.  I also filed for them to look into this case.  While it’s not much, $52.50 total, it’s the CONCEPT that they could’ve taken a whole lot more!

Lessons learned:

  • Make your passwords stronger by using non-words only that you know
  • Change the passwords frequently.

I hope this doesn’t happen again.

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