Thoughts on Adoption: Post-“Bella”

I just watched the ending to a movie called “Bella“.  It’s a rather offbeat story that throws you off at first but as the story progresses, you figure it out.   But especially so, I didn’t fully appreciate it till the very end of the movie.


If you haven’t watched the movie yet and don’t want me to spoil it, skip the post till you watched it!  So as the story progresses, the lead female character finds out she’s pregnant out of wedlock and goes through crisis.  The male character who used to work with her shares his life story and eventually ask her about putting the baby up for adoption.  But you don’t find out till later that he himself was adopted.  And towards the end, you find out that he adopts the baby of his co-worker.  As the ending approaches and the mother is re-united with the daughter, I couldn’t help but sense how beautiful the adoption is.

See, in spiritual side of things, we also are adopted.  We all are lost but through Christ, God adopts us as His own.  I have always been fascinated by that…  Why would anyone just take us in?  Why would anyone take me in?!  It indeed is beautiful, like the movie title suggests, to see life and that life adopting another life.

I am still semi-serious about adopting a child later on our lives.  It would be a privilege and honor to be given an opportunity to adopt a lost person and tell him/her that he/she is part of us now.  We all are orphans wandering around until we realize that God has received us.

I don’t know… that concept and fact of adoption just blows my mind away every time I think about it.

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