Unfortunate Turn of Events: Soojin’s Condition

Well, Soojin went to see a local ENT specialist today and came back with a not-so-good news…  after some testing, the doctor thought that her left ear’s high frequency response was rather poor.  And that this may not be BPPV after all.

What’s worse is that he thinks that there may be a tumor in the ear.  She will be hospitalized at local University Hospital for MRI to see if there is a tumor.  If there is a tumor, she will have to be moved Seoul for surgery.  This totally sucks.  Tumor?!  Dang… 🙁  And if it’s not a tumor, it may be a virus or something…  sheesh…  Anna cried today after Soojin told the kids that she will be gone for several days.

Please pray for good development….

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  1. I just got on your website today. Bill mentioned about Soojin being in the hospital. I already prayed and will continue to do so. Nothing worse than feeling sick. I had my inner ear do the same thing one time, where everything suddenly rotated 90 degrees sideways while I was laying on the couch. Anyways, get better soon Soojin. Hope Peter and the kids aren’t sick anymore.

  2. I’m praying for the best case of no surgery and for strength for the rest of you guys to hold up until soojin is better.

  3. we miss you guys and will be praying for soojin! take good care of her and let her know we are praying for her.
    hope it’s not a tumor. keep strong and healthy too.

  4. Ah, I wish you guys were here so I find a way to help her.. especially if she has to go through the surgery.. But I know God is right there with Soojin, you and the kids.. I will be praying!!

  5. christine told me about soojin…sorry to hear about her condition…will be praying for you guys!

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