Finally in Korea!

After what felt like days, we are finally in Korea!

The flight from Houston to San Francisco was ok but JJ developed some kind of fever and was very cranky.  🙁  So at the wonderful airport of San Francisco, we got him some medications.  On the flight to Korea, Singapore Airline was great.  Service was more than terrific as the stewards and stewardesses kept checking up on us, the mere economy class, and took extra care and time on the kids.  However, food sucked still.  Badly.  Worse than some other airlines, including Korean Air.

Overall, I felt like a zombie on the plane.  But I managed to stay awake till midnight (locally) so I am somewhat adjusted to the time zone here now.  Now, bring on the food!!  😛

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  1. Don’t you know it’s not correct to call them stewards and stewardesses anymore? The correct term is “flight attendant.” 😛 I wrote that in a previous post…

    Glad you and the family made it to Korea. Our prayers are with you!

    I’m in the hospital right now. Things have been going pretty smoothly although I still waited 9 hours before getting my meds started.

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